The 7 Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads To Be

The problem with pregnancy apps for dads-to-be is that they’re rarely created with dads in mind. As dads, we get it. We’re not the ones carrying a growing human for nine months. We don’t deal with morning sickness or labor. We don’t breastfeed and our bodies don’t change…as much.

But the last we heard, being a dad is 50% of a parenting team. So being informed and trying to support our moms-to-be (instead of running around with our heads cut off) seems like the bare minimum part of that deal.

Which is where the wonderful world of pregnancy apps comes in. There are a growing number of apps made by dads, for dads. They’re to the point, funny, and get rid of cutesy fruit-themed baby comparisons.

These seven best pregnancy apps for dads will teach you what you need to know to be there for your wife or girlfriend—and, your future kid.

1. Who’s Your Daddy

For starters, try out Who’s Your Daddy which considers itself the “appy for the happy pappy.” It’s got 290 humorous and easy-to-understand tips to throw your way every day and week during the nine months of pregnancy. Plus, it also includes a handy timeline that syncs with your calendar.

Other features include a hospital bag checklist, to-do list, baby name collector, and a contraction timer.

Available “for the price of a small beer,” aka $2.99, in the App Store.

2. Quick Tips for New Dads

Unlike the other apps on the list, Quick Tips for New Dads is a community of dads. Anyone who wants to submit a tip to the app is more than welcome.

The app covers pregnancy and beyond. So you can keep it ready for your first diaper change, colicky night, or blow-out extravaganza.

You can count on 250 tips, how-to guides, checklists, and hilarious photos that will bring your boiling panic down to a simmer.

Available for $1.99 in the App Store.

3. ProDaddy

Another solid app made just for dads. Our favorite part? The app’s “daddy deep dives.” They break down complex pregnancy and baby-related topics into bite-sized chunks. Perfect for dads who don’t need the technical jargon.

The app features weekly updates and tips, as well as recommendations for baby gear.

It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

4. The Big Daddy

Developed by duo Chris (a doctor) and Georgie (who works in children’s books) while they awaited the arrival of their own future app-creating genius. They realized how few pregnancy apps were created for dads-to-be.

The Big Daddy tracks your baby’s growth, gives you weekly mom-to-be updates, over 40 original articles tailored for dads, fun facts, a contraction timer, and baby checklists.

Available for free (with an in-app upgrade) in the App Store. Keep your eyes peeled for an Android version coming soon.

5. HiDaddy

HiDaddy takes pregnancy apps to the quirkiest extreme. You’ll get the usual baby and mom updates and information. But it comes “directly” from your future kid. So get ready for some back talking.

Available in two versions: polite and informative messages from your unborn child, or the less polite (but still informative) version from your freewheeling infant-to-be. They grow so fast!

Available from the App Store ($4.99) and Google Play ($1.99).

6. Daddy Up

For a lumberjack vibe, check out Daddy Up. It’ll give you “rugged” baby comparisons. (Your kid’s the size of an acorn!) Plus, weekly pregnancy progress updates, customizable checklists, a journal log, a contraction counter, and shareable baby announcements.

If that’s not enough, there’s also Daddy Up apparel for sale on their website. So, Daddy Up, your kid’s a-waitin’.

Available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

7. Hello Daddy-O

Hello Daddy-O is a pregnancy tracker that allows you to compare your baby’s size with an augmented reality version of interesting, everyday objects. Like a lego, a Star Wars action figure, or pizza.

Added bonus? It lists your baby’s age in months, days, and weeks. You’ll never have to painstakingly figure out what 23 weeks is, again.

Available for $1.99 on Google Play.

Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads

Alright, guys. We’ve done the research on the seven best pregnancy apps for dads. These seven contenders are rock solid tools to keep you in the know and on your way to being a great dad. Choose one (or more) that best fits your style. Then? Get downloading and get started on that whole parenting thing.

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